4. Matilda makes a photo book

When I woke up, Julia was still asleep. She was naked next to me, sleeping sweetly. We spent the whole night eating each other and fucking crazy. Julia was a very pretty 19 year old girl, bisexual like me, and a work partner at the massage center. She excited me a lot and I loved fucking with her.

I decided to get up without waking her. I went to the washbasin and I showered relaxedly. When I got back to the room to dress me Julia was waking up.

– Good morning! Did you sleep well? – I said sweetly.

– Mmmmmh yes – she replied stretching her arms still half asleep.

– I have to left, today I have to work as a photographer to make a photo book. If you want you can stay here a little more and to close the door suddenly – I invited her to keep laying.

– Thank you Mati, you are charming. Kiss me – she seduced me lovingly.

I ended to tie the bra, I pulled her over and kissed her lips.

– Mmmh, you smell so good! – she told me while was kissing me.

When I was dressed, I got a coffee with milk and sat down at the dining table. I lived in a very small apartment of 60 square meters. Half of the dining room had become a studio where on the largest wall I hung the pictures of each girl that I photographed. The last photos had been hung were of Julia. Every morning I had the habit of having a coffee with milk watching them and programming the next one.

That morning I was commissioned to make a photo album for Chloe, a model and actress Australian girl who came in Barcelona to make an advertising report for the agency. Chloe was a sex symbol for me, many times I had masturbated watching her videos on internet. I was excited.

It was the time and had to leave. I went to the room to say goodbye to Julia. When I entered I saw that she was stroking her body.

– Mati I’m very hot. Can I masturbate me in your bed?

– Of course yes, darling, masturbate yourself thinking with me! – I responded excitedly.

Seeing Julia masturbating herself in my bed made me so hot that suddenly my nipples trembled and my pussy got wet. I smiled, winked one of my eyes,  sent her a kiss from the distance and left.

From Poble Sec neighborhood there was 10 minutes walking to the agency. I walked happyly and satisfyted. I couldn’t stop thinking about Julia masturbating herself in my bed. Next I thought about Chloe and her huge boobs waiting me. I was so hot that I needed masturbate me crazyly.

When I got to the agency I asked for Miss Svetlana. The receptionist accompanied me on the top floor, we entered in a large luxurious hall and ordered me to wait. In the meantime I started preparing the photographic equipment for the session.

Svetlana was one of the best renowned scorts of the city, only accessible to the most exclusive customers. She was a spectacular Russian woman with incalculable beauty and an exquisite body. Svetlana was famous for being one of the most select and seductive scorts in the city, but I hadn’t known anyone yet, man or woman, who had been fucking with her.

Time ago, I photographed her to make a photo book for her ads. As all my models, I had a few pictures of hers hanging on the wall of my studio that I often looked at them.

After a while the door of the living room opened and she appeared.

– Hello, good morning, Mati. Welcome! Follow me please, I have to introduce you the new model – she said very kindly.

I followed her and we entered in the next room where Chloe was waiting.

– Hi Clhoe! I’m the photographer – I said a little nervous.

Finally, one of my dreams was real. The extraordinary Chloe, one of the best sex amateur actress of the world just was in front of me looking at me. She was my sex symbol. I enjoyed very much watching her exquist videos. I had masturbated many times seeing how Chloe fucked with another girls and masturbated herself. Her orgasm were extraordinary amazing.

One of my favorite videos is Chloe and Angie fucking on a farm. Two pretty girls, redhead and brunette, with a huge boobs fucking effusively and giving pleasure non stopping. Extraordinary! Another of my favorites is Chloe and Marigold masturbating to each other repeatedly in a sensual way on a sofa. Fantastic! The naturalness with which Chloe was performing in the scenes was fascinating, it seemed as if she forgot that a camera was filming her.

And now I had Chloe in front of me waiting for my instructions. It was exciting! We went back to the room where the photographic equipment was prepared and we started the photo session.

Chloe was charming, she was always happy and smiling. I grabbed the camera and I indicated the positions and expressions that she had to do. I shot photos non stopping capturing her immense beauty. As in her scenes she posed with all naturalness. It was fascinating! After a while the moment had arrived.

– And now we will start the most interesting part. We will begin to take your clothes off – I said gladly.

Slowly, she took away every piece of clothes. After a while her huge breasts were exposed majestically. Then I indicated her to be inclined to show her hanging breasts in the air. Exquisite! When she was already completely naked I indicated her that she should caress her boobs and bring her hand to her pussy. Delicious!

After a while we finished the session. I wanted to see her soon and I promised that I would show her the photos once it had edited. We gave us the phone numbers and we said goodbye.

I was in a hurry. Before going to the massage center, I had to go to the Cooperative to make another photo session to a new girl. I took a taxi and headed towards Villarroel street.

The Cooperative, the Cope as the girls called it, was a house of teenagers prostitutes. The most of the girls that worked there were between 18 and 20 years old and they administered the center by themselves. Most of them were students and worked as a sex workers to earn money and emancipate themselves. At least that’s what they said. But the main reason was that they loved sex and to earn quick money. All of them wanted to be fucked by men every day.

When I got to the address I rang the bell.

– Hello, I’m Mati, I’ve come to make a photo session.

– Hello Mati. Carmina is waiting for you. Come in and go up – said a female voice.

When I went up to the second floor one of the girls opened the door and gave me two kisses. It was Gerogina, a 19-year-old girl who I had already taken a photo shoot. She was a very fun young girl, red hair, very pretty face, with little breast and a very cute ass. I loved that cute ass!

– Come in, Carmina is on the next floor. I’m going to call her. Please, wait in the room – she said very kindly.

I entered in a room where there was a large bed and mirrors on the walls where the customers were attended. Everything was very clean and smelling of perfume. After a moment Carmina appeared dressed in underwear and a silk robes .

– Hello Mati, I am Carmina. I am the new girl, today I start working. I need a few pictures to place an ad.

Carmina was also a young girl of 18 years. She was a very happy and funny girl who liked chatting as much as me. She was beauty and thin, pretty face, brown hair, had a little breast and a tender and slender body.

As was usual in the Cooperative, I took some photos in the hallway, next to the front door, first in underwear and after undressed. Then we went to the room and I took some more pictures in different positions.

After a short time we finished. The question was to make a simple photos, showing the girl to the natural. I love to make this type of photos, the girls are more adorable.

– You are very beautiful. I hope you enjoy your work a lot – I said joking.

– Thanks! Yes, I hope to be fucked for many dicks – she replied laughing.

– Give me the phone number and your email, this evening I’ll send you the photos. Do you want to hide your face? Pixeling your face? – I asked professionally.

– I prefer to show my profile cutting my face, but no one can recognize me – she responded smilingly.

At that moment the door opened and Georgina entered in the room.

– Carmina, your first customer have arrived. Do you attend and accommodate him? – said Gerogina laughing naughtyly.

The two young girls went to work and I left the teenagers’s flat.

I had a busy day. I took another taxi and went to Urgell street, at the center of massages. When I sat in the taxi, I looked at my cell phone and saw a few messages from Salma, my best friend of my work colleagues.

– Mati, when will you come? Look what happened to me. Arnau, one of my friends, has discovered my ad and has ordered me for a tantric massage. I am ashamed. What do I say him? Call me when you could 🙁

– I arrived in 10 minutes – I said worried.

After a while the taxi reached at the corner between Urgell and Gran Vía streets. I got off the taxi and went to the massage center. The atmosphere seemed quiet. I went to the meeting room to find Salma, where masseurs usual spent time waiting for our clients. I only found Mar, one of the most requested massage’s girls, specially for her huge breast.

– Hello Mar, have you seen Salma? – I asked worried.

– I don’t know, I just made a service. Before she was here, I think she is in her room – she replied indifferently.

Salma was a very lively and funny girl, and she was strong in character. She looked younger than she really was, she was 32 years old but she seemed to be 24 like me. She was fromMorocco and had spent some years living in Barcelona. She was beauty but small, beautiful in face, with brown hair smooth, with very little breast and a rounded ass. Among the masseuses girls, she was my best friend.

– Salma, are you fine? – I asked while came into her room.

– Mati, luckily you have came! I am very embarrassed. Arnau called me to come and get a massage and will arrive in a short time. He is one of my best friends. To be naked and make him a handjob makes me shame. What do I do? Why don’t you do him?

– Mmmh, quiet. OK. What time does he comes? – I answered without thinking. Is it handsome? – I added.

– Yes he is very handsome! And a very good person! Thanks Mati! You are lovely!

Salma came to me and hugged me effusely. I had just time to undress and put me on sexy clothes. After a while Arnau called the bell.

-Hi Arnau, come in. I am Mati. Salma has asked me to make you the massage and after she will greet you.

– Hello Mati, nice to meet you. Okay, no porblme, you are also pretty – he answered kindly.

Indeed, Arnau was handsome and seemed very nice. As usual, I accommodated him in the massage’s room, I charged the service and accompanied him to the shower. Then we started the session. He stretched on the tatami downside and made him a decontracturant and sensual massage. Then I layed over him, doing a body-body, rubbing my breasts around his body. Arnau enjoyed a lot and non stop moaning. Next, I indicated him to turn around and I made him the erotic part of the massage. Finally, I made him a handjob palying with my boobs that he will never forget.

When we finished, Salma entered to greet him. It was a very special moment, both friends behaved very naturally. Salma was already dressed while me and Arnau kept naked. After a while chatting, Arnau began to erect again, it was time to leave.

– The next time you come, me and Mati will massage you, I promise you – Salma said gently to her friend.

When the Arnau left, Salma thanked me for the favor. I was happy to have helped her. Meanwhile, I still had three more massage to do.

Julia, Chloe, Carmina, Salma, Arnau… It was a very intense day!

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