2. Natalia starts the report

That saturday I get up early to starts the report.

– Good morning Natalia! I’ve arrived. Are you ready?  – Arnau send me a message.

I took the cam and my bag and left to go where the historical route took place. When I arrived at the square Arnau was waiting me near a group of people.

– Good morning Arnau. How are you? – I greeted my friend.

– Hello Natalia. The visit is about to begin. You are very pretty today – he said as usual with a smile.

Arnau was a very good friend of mine, handsome and intelligent. We shared the interest for the history and for cultural and political affaires. He fell in love with me the first day we met, but until that time I was only interested in a friendship with him.

I prepared the cam for the report and we aproached to the group.

The visit started and professor Bilbeny began to explain the real hidden story of Christopher Columbus and the discovery of America. The real name of Christopher Columbus was Joan “Cristòfor” Colom, who belonged to a great family of Catalonia. In that square, called Duc de Medinaceli, there had been an ancient university, today destroyed, of the order of Saint Francis, where the Colom’s family had been buried. That college was founded by Saint Francis in XIII century. Near the square, one street still preserved the name of Saint Francis where tradition tells us he had his bedroom.

Everything seemed to indicate that Columbus was Catalan. In the XV century Catalonia had a great empire extended throughout the Mediterranean with the name of Crown of Aragon. Why the real story of Colombus had been hidden?

Next we went to visit the great Colom’s monument. In front of the monument we contemplated all the sculptures and incscriptions. The monument was built by the Universal Exhibition of 1888 and financed by popular subscription. But just as Professor Bilbeny taught us, Columbus sculpture was very different from the original project. Which were the aspects hiding there?

Columbus and all the protagonists of the discovery of America were Catalans. We looked  all the characters that had been sculpted at the monument. Professor Bilbeny told us who they were: Christopher Columbus, the Catholic kings, the friar Joan Pere from the monastery of Montserrat, the cosmographer Jaume Ferrer of Blanes and the royal treasurer Lluís de Santàngel who financed the first trip.

Why did we know so little about all those characters? Why did history hide them? The answer had only two responsibles: the Court of the Holy Inquisition and the king.

After the monument, we visited other places in the city linked to the Colom’s family, the cathedral of Barcelona, the old Sant Pau’s hospital and the old Colom’s house, now also destroyed.

One of the places we visited that payed me much attention was the building of the old library of Ferran Colom, the second son of Christopher Columbus. Ferran Colom was the greatest humanist of the XVI century who build a 20,000-book Library. Later, the library was destroyed and today only 2,000 books are preserved.

It seemed incredible that all the real history about discovery of America was hidden and destroyed. Arnau and I were fascinated. Outraged, I decided to make a report to explain everyone around the world the real history of Christhoper Colombus.

At the end of the visit, Arnau wanted invite me to have a lunch, but I refused because I had several things to do. That same afternoon would arrive my new flatmate, Chloe, and later I had a appointment with Dembelé. Arnau accompanied me to the house, he kissed me surpresingly on my lips and left.

After lunch, I swept the house a bit and I stretched to the sofa waiting for Chloe. As usual, I started the computer and connected to visit the contacts page to see which guys had entered in my profile. There were some men with different kinds of beauty and ages.

Three of them caught my attention. Joel, a handsome catalan boy of my age who seemed very interesting. A swedish sportive tourist called Peter. And Israel, an 18 year old boy who insisted a lot to meet us. For a while I was looking at their profiles and photos. I was getting hot incrisengly.

After a while I was thinking about the experience of fucking with a young man. It could be a exciting experience. Then I sent a message to Israel as a signal to keep thinking about me.

At that moment I received a message from Chloe who had already arrived in Barcelona. After twenty minutes she called the doorbell.

– Hi Natalia! I’m Chloe – said a female voice.

– Please come in! I just go down.

Chloe was an extraordinary Australian girl, when I saw her I got fascinated. We greeted, laughed and went up to the flat.

Chloe was a very beautiful girl, redhead, pale skin, with a marvelous rounded shape body and a very big breasts that attracted a lot of attention. She was very nice and playful, the perfect flatmate to live together.

After showing the house and giving her the copy of the keys, we sat down for a while on the couch to chat. Chloe’s life was exciting. She worked as a pornographic actress by amateur sex websites masturbating herself and fucking with other girls. I couldn’t avoid say to her:

– I’ve seen some of your videos, your orgasms are amazing! – I told her absolutly blushed.

After chatting for a while I said that I had to left. That evening I had a appointment with Dembelé, a Senegalese boy who we met dancing funky at the Jamboree disco. I hadn’t never made sex with a black man and I really wanted to taste it. For the first time I wished to have a very big cock between my legs.

Dembleé was waiting me in Pastis, a small French-style bar very close to my home. When I entered he was waiting me sitting on a stool in the bar.

– Hello Dembelé! How are you? – I said a little nervous.

– Hello Natàlia. I’m fine. Glad to see you – he said calmly.

After drinking a couple of drinks, we were a little bit drunk. I thought that I wanted to suck his big cock but I didn’t know where. I Imagined that Chloe would probably be masturbating alone at home and the toilet’s bar was very small. Suddenly, Dembelé grabbed my waist and kissed my lips. I quickly blushed and got hotter. I hugged him in the shoulders and we kept kissing. After a while I decided go to his home.

He lived in a flat with a friends, five streets further on, in Ghotic neighborhood. We went to his home and acroosed the dining room where there were three black men more chatting. I was very excited and a little bit scared to be alone among so many big cocks.  They greeted us very kindly and friendly. We entered to his bedroom and stretched to the bed. Suddenly he undressed me and ate my tits effusively. Then, impatient, I turned his pants off, grabbed that huge cock and put it into my mouth for a long time. The feeling of drowning was brutal. Getting insatiable, I pulled my panties off, put me in a dog-style position and I let Dembelé penetrate me with that big cock.

– Aaaaagghhhhh – I whimpered irremediably.


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