1. Chloe comes to Barcelona

The first day I came to Barcelona I was very excited. The city had a fascinating light, I felt a special atmosphere. In the middle of Catalonia square I looked around me and felt that a thrilling experience was just begining. The first thing I thought was, what are doing an Australian girl in a Mediterranean city on the other side of the world?

I pulled the phone out of my pocket to send a message to Natalia, my new roommate.

– Hey Natalia! I’ve just arrived. I’m looking forward to meet you. I am in Catalonia square.

Then I opened Google Maps and I typed the address of Natalia’s house. The map indicated me to go down Les Rambles toward the Colom’s monument at the port.

I came to Catalonia for a period of time to live new experiences. Recently I had finished my studies of Indonesian’s interpreter and I wanted to learn and practice other languages. One of my conditions to come in Barcelona was to share an apartment with a native girl to practice Spanish. At that time I didn’t know that in Catalonia the people speak another language, Catalan.

Until that time, I was working as a model and sex actress making amateur videos in different websites. When I started I could not imagine that my videos would be so successful and famous. After having lived my youth in Australia, I traveled to other countries. I lived for a while in the United States, Germany and the Netherlands where I continued to exercise my profession as an actress on the main amateur sex websites.

I was now in Catalonia to do something different. I should work as a model in an advertisement for a travel agency in Barcelona. Yale, one of my last sexual partner Dutch, spoke to me about Catalonia and advised me to accept the offer and the opportunity. She told me that Catalonia was a fascinating region, with a very good atmosphere and very nice people who felt very special. Catalonia seemed an interesting experience. Until then I had not understood the true meaning of her words.

With the phone in my hand and dragging the suitcase with the other hand, I went down the Rambles between the crowd of tourists from everywhere, including many nice girls visiting the city. Barcelona seemed to be a really cosmopolitan city. Then I received a message.

– Hi Chloe! I’m glad you’ve come. Do you want I pick you up?

– Thanks Natalia.  Don’t worry, I think I will arrive at your house with the help of Google maps.

At the end of the Rambles, before arriving at the Colom’s monument, I turned right a narrow street to reach Montserrat street. When I found the number I rang the bell.

– Hello? – said a female voice.

– Hi Natalia! I’m Chloe.

– Please come in! I just go down.

While I was coming through the door with my purse and my suitcase, Natalia went down the stairs to receive me.

– Hey Chloe! I’m happy you are here. Welcome! – she said smiling.

I looked up and saw a gorgeous brunette who received me with a big smile.

– Hey Natalia! I am really happy to meet you too. All the Catalan girls are so pretty like you? – I said wonderful to see her.

We laughed, gave us a hug and two kisses on each cheek and climbed the stairs to reach the floor.

Natalia and me had the same interest. She was looking for a english speaker to improve her english and I wanted to share a flat with a native girl whom practice languages and know about the culture of the country. Our interests coincided perfectly.

I was very lucky to live with Natalia. She was delicious! She was a very pretty girl, brunette with long hair smooth, clear eyes and a suggestive smile. She had a splendid body, tall and thin, with round ass and tasty breasts. Natalia lived in a small apartment of about 60 meters square, with a dining room and balcony, a kitchen, a bathroom and two bedrooms, one for her and one for me. The floor had a large terrace for sunbathing and do some occasional barbecue. Natalia showed me my room and gave me a copy of the keys to be free to enter and leave. She invited me to have tea, we sat on the couch and started chatting.

– So you’re the famous Chloe? – she said enthusiastically.

– Yes, I see that I’m so famous in the other side of the world – I replied laughing.

– I’ve seen some of your videos, your orgasms are amazing! – she told me absolutly blushed.

We talked for a while about my career. Natalia was very curious to know how I was introduced to this world and how it worked. In fact, she had recently discovered me as an actress, watching some of my videos. Certainly, my videos are much more popular among men, although they are also known by women. Men love looking at a girl masturbating herself or making sex with another girl.

– Did you masturbate yourself watching my videos? – I asked jokingly. She looked me smiling but did’nt answer

Natalia was a very nice girl and smart, I liked talk to her. Natalia was graduated in History and worked as a tourist guide accompanying the tourists who came to visit Barcelona. Now she was glad to has achieved a fixed contract as a tour guide with the travel agency.

– What luck to meet you! I hope you can teach me many things … – I said laughing and grabbing her by the hand.

– Oh yes! Everything you want – she replied laughing and squeezing my hand.

Natalia was telling me that she liked work as a tourist guide and tell the history. She told me that she was making a documentary about history of Catalonia in English. It was so curious.

– Really? Oh very interesting – I said surprise.

– Yes, but I need to improve my English to make a good documentary – she said so interested.

– So nice! I’d love help you with your english if you want. For me it would be a pleasure and a good way to learn about your country – I replied.

– In exchange, I will teach you Spanish. And Catalan if you wish – she told excited.

– Yeah, why not? It will be a trio of languages! – I replied laughing.

After the conversation, Natalia told me that she had to leave. She went to the room to change clothes. She dressed a pants and a black tank top, combed her hair, painted her eyes, put a little colony, took the bag, gave me two kisses and left. I supposed that she had an appointment with a boy.

That conversation with Natalia was very nice. At that time I could not imagine the pleasant experiences that were waiting for me. I took that time I was alone in the apartment to put the clothes in the closet and keep the suitcase. When I finished, I wore a comfortable clothes and lay down on the sofa to rest.

I took advantage of that moment of rest to look WhatsApp messages. There were many messages accumulated at the “abby girls” group. This was the group of Australian girls that we have made amateur sex videos. The conversations in this group used to be exalted and fun. I wrote a message of greeting.

– Hello girls. I’m already in Barcelona. A kiss for everygirls – I said cheerful.

– Ei Chloe! Did you masturbate with some pretty girl? 😉 – said Liandra jokingly.

– Not yet, but I have a pretty flatmate that I would like eat her soon 😛 – I responded convinced.

– Chloe! We miss your boobs! – said Marigold laughing.

– My boobs miss you too! 3 – added Anneke.

– And my pussy! 😛 – added Jilly.

– Ha ha ha! You are so crazy! I miss you girls! – I answered delightfuly.

– Enjoy! If I have time I would like visit you in Barcelona. The next weeks I will be in Europe making some videos – insinuated Angela.

– Oh Angie! It would be fantastic! I will wait you impaciently – I said sincerly.

– Wowl! Hey girls, a boobs’s party in Barcelona! Here we go! 😛 – added Liandra jokingly again.

– Ha ha ha! – every girls laughed.

After laughter and say other silly things, I closed the cell phone. At that time I could not stop thinking about my new roommate. Natalia fascinated me, she was a interesting, pleasant and attractive girl at the same time. She was really beautiful with a splendid body. I imagined her naked with her breasts in the air.

I was very excited and began to play myself. I stroked my breasts and brought my hand to my pussy. I was so hot that I had to do it. I get up, I went to Natalia’s room, I dropped my pants and panties and I lay on her futon. Thinking with Natalia I started to masturbate myself effusively, rubbing the fingers of my right hand on my clitoris and entering the fingers of my left hand into my pussy. I was so excited. After three minutes I drain like a volcano, shaking all my body and moaning loudly. Buf, the orgasm was so intense that I had to rest for a few minutes. I was so hot that I turned to masturbate myself again.

I was so tired for the trip and so pleased for the orgasm that I went to sleep.

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